Intelligent devices have revolutionized the way we experience the world and have created a limitless platform for innovation. The infrastructure that enables and powers these intelligent devices, the network, is in need of its own revolution. MontaVista is transforming the way networks are created and behave.

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Carrier Grade Edition 7

Scaling a network has never been more difficult. Carrier Grade Edition is specifically designed to meet the demands of scaling throughput for massive amounts of data and enabling an ever-changing landscape of services and innovation.

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MV approach to security

"Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the rapidly expanding attack surface found in today's 'any-to-any' world, where individuals are using any device to access business applications in a network environment that utilizes decentralized cloud services." – Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report

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MVCloud provides the ultimate platform for software-defined networks (SDNs) on COTS server hardware. With MVCloud, OEMs get the IT ecosystem they want with a deterministic virtualized environment and carrier features they need – the best of embedded and IT.

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MontaVista delivers a tightly integrated and highly optimized solution for the ThunderX SoC Family.  MV Cloud leverages the workload optimized features of ThunderX that enable offloading of networking, security and data plane processing, and dynamic VM per core allocation at better price and performance.

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