Custom: Custom On-Site Courses


Customer Education offers expert product training programs in developing diverse embedded offerings for applications ranging from communications infrastructure to thin-client and edge applications. In addition to MontaVista's standard "Jump-Start and Device Drivers" advanced programming courses, Customer Education offers customized training to help your developers focus on specific needs or projects, or prepare for a proof of concept project. Custom courses can be complete programs or single, highly focused courses for engineering personnel, conducted at your facility. MontaVista's customized training tailors the content of the materials to your engineers, to your project, and to your time-frame.

On-site product training is most cost effective when eight (8) or more engineers at a single location need similar information. However, smaller groups needing highly specific training are also good candidates for customized material.

Classroom Recommendations

MontaVista recommends a classroom-like facility with white board(s), a projection screen, and sufficient table-top and seating space. A development workstation and target system should be provided, at a minimum, for every two students. (MontaVista can supply lab equipment.) Classes with more than sixteen students are not recommended. MontaVista should be consulted for development system requirements and preparation well in advance.

Lab Equipment for On-Site Classes

Many organizations build custom hardware for their applications. In addition, corporate and network administration organizations may have special requirements and restrictions. The lab systems and target boards supplied by MontaVista are, of necessity, appropriate for a wide range of needs. Customers are, therefore, welcome to supply their own development and target systems.

All lab systems should be configured and operational before class begins. The time allowed for the course presumes the lab environment is ready for use.

One development and one test system for each pair (2) students is optimal to the learning experience. Any operating system supported by the selected MontaVista product may be used.

Please note that students will require root privilege at various times during the course.

Cost and Registration

The cost for an on-site course is primarily a function of the duration of the course. In some cases, the expertise required in developing and presenting the materials may also be a factor. On-site product training includes course materials, handouts, required documentation, lab exercises and supporting documentation.

Actual expenses for instructor travel and lodging, as well as equipment shipping and export expenses, are in addition to the on-site course fees.

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