Severity : Medium
Published : 2005-04-27
Modified : 2010-08-21
Base Score : 5.0
Details : wget 1.8.x and 1.9.x does not filter or quote control characters when displaying HTTP responses to the terminal, which may allow remote malicious web servers to inject terminal escape sequences and execute arbitrary code.
Product/Version : Pro 4.x  
CGE 4.x  
Mobilinux 4.x  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  

CVE Vulnerabilities List CVE-2004

CVE-2004-0148 CVE-2004-0185 CVE-2004-1138 CVE-2004-1487
CVE-2004-1488 CVE-2004-2014