Severity : Medium
Published : 2010-02-24
Modified : 2011-01-21
Base Score : 6.9
Details : sudo 1.6.x before 1.6.9p21 and 1.7.x before 1.7.2p4, when a pseudo-command is enabled, permits a match between the name of the pseudo-command and the name of an executable file in an arbitrary directory, which allows local users to gain privileges via a crafted executable file, as demonstrated by a file named sudoedit in a user's home directory.
Product/Version : Pro 5.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  
Pro 4.x  
CGE 4.x  
Mobilinux 4.x  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Professional PRO 5.0  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  

CVE Vulnerabilities List CVE-2010

CVE-2010-0001 CVE-2010-0003 CVE-2010-0006 CVE-2010-0007
CVE-2010-0008 CVE-2010-0015 CVE-2010-0097 CVE-2010-0205
CVE-2010-0290 CVE-2010-0291 CVE-2010-0296 CVE-2010-0308
CVE-2010-0382 CVE-2010-0393 CVE-2010-0405 CVE-2010-0410
CVE-2010-0415 CVE-2010-0421 CVE-2010-0426 CVE-2010-0433
CVE-2010-0434 CVE-2010-0437 CVE-2010-0442 CVE-2010-0540
CVE-2010-0542 CVE-2010-0547 CVE-2010-0622 CVE-2010-0624
CVE-2010-0727 CVE-2010-0731 CVE-2010-0740 CVE-2010-0742
CVE-2010-0743 CVE-2010-0830 CVE-2010-1083 CVE-2010-1084
CVE-2010-1086 CVE-2010-1087 CVE-2010-1088 CVE-2010-1160
CVE-2010-1161 CVE-2010-1162 CVE-2010-1163 CVE-2010-1166
CVE-2010-1168 CVE-2010-1169 CVE-2010-1170 CVE-2010-1172
CVE-2010-1173 CVE-2010-1187 CVE-2010-1205 CVE-2010-1411
CVE-2010-1436 CVE-2010-1437 CVE-2010-1446 CVE-2010-1447
CVE-2010-1449 CVE-2010-1450 CVE-2010-1455 CVE-2010-1488
CVE-2010-1623 CVE-2010-1636 CVE-2010-1642 CVE-2010-1643
CVE-2010-1646 CVE-2010-1674 CVE-2010-1748 CVE-2010-1797
CVE-2010-1975 CVE-2010-2059 CVE-2010-2065 CVE-2010-2066
CVE-2010-2067 CVE-2010-2158 CVE-2010-2198 CVE-2010-2199
CVE-2010-2221 CVE-2010-2226 CVE-2010-2233 CVE-2010-2240
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CVE-2010-2522 CVE-2010-2523 CVE-2010-2524 CVE-2010-2526
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CVE-2010-2653 CVE-2010-2761 CVE-2010-2798 CVE-2010-2806
CVE-2010-2939 CVE-2010-2942 CVE-2010-2943 CVE-2010-2946
CVE-2010-2948 CVE-2010-2949 CVE-2010-2954 CVE-2010-2963
CVE-2010-3015 CVE-2010-3053 CVE-2010-3067 CVE-2010-3069
CVE-2010-3078 CVE-2010-3079 CVE-2010-3080 CVE-2010-3081
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CVE-2010-3310 CVE-2010-3311 CVE-2010-3316 CVE-2010-3432
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CVE-2010-3477 CVE-2010-3847 CVE-2010-3848 CVE-2010-3849
CVE-2010-3850 CVE-2010-3855 CVE-2010-3856 CVE-2010-3858
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CVE-2010-4132 CVE-2010-4157 CVE-2010-4158 CVE-2010-4160
CVE-2010-4161 CVE-2010-4162 CVE-2010-4164 CVE-2010-4165
CVE-2010-4169 CVE-2010-4175 CVE-2010-4180 CVE-2010-4221
CVE-2010-4242 CVE-2010-4248 CVE-2010-4249 CVE-2010-4251
CVE-2010-4252 CVE-2010-4258 CVE-2010-4263 CVE-2010-4300
CVE-2010-4301 CVE-2010-4342 CVE-2010-4343 CVE-2010-4346
CVE-2010-4347 CVE-2010-4411 CVE-2010-4494 CVE-2010-4526
CVE-2010-4527 CVE-2010-4529 CVE-2010-4538 CVE-2010-4565
CVE-2010-4649 CVE-2010-4652 CVE-2010-4655 CVE-2010-4656
CVE-2010-4668 CVE-2010-4805 CVE-2010-4818 CVE-2010-4819
CVE-2010-5107 CVE-2010-5298