Severity : Medium
Published : 2011-08-19
Modified : 2013-07-29
Base Score : 5.1
Details : The LZW decompressor in the LWZReadByte function in giftoppm.c in the David Koblas GIF decoder in PBMPLUS, as used in the gif_read_lzw function in filter/image-gif.c in CUPS before 1.4.7, the LZWReadByte function in plug-ins/common/file-gif-load.c in GIMP 2.6.11 and earlier, the LZWReadByte function in img/gifread.c in XPCE in SWI-Prolog 5.10.4 and earlier, and other products, does not properly handle code words that are absent from the decompression table when encountered, which allows remote attackers to trigger an infinite loop or a heap-based buffer overflow, and possibly execute arbitrary code, via a crafted compressed stream, a related issue to CVE-2006-1168 and CVE-2011-2895.
Product/Version : Pro 5.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  
Pro 4.x  
CGE 4.x  
Mobilinux 4.x  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  
Pro 5.0  
Pro 4.x  
CGE 4.x  
Mobilinux 4.x  

CVE Vulnerabilities List CVE-2011

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CVE-2011-1750 CVE-2011-1751 CVE-2011-1759 CVE-2011-1760
CVE-2011-1767 CVE-2011-1770 CVE-2011-1776 CVE-2011-1831
CVE-2011-1832 CVE-2011-1833 CVE-2011-1834 CVE-2011-1835
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CVE-2011-2484 CVE-2011-2491 CVE-2011-2492 CVE-2011-2494
CVE-2011-2495 CVE-2011-2496 CVE-2011-2501 CVE-2011-2522
CVE-2011-2525 CVE-2011-2534 CVE-2011-2597 CVE-2011-2690
CVE-2011-2691 CVE-2011-2692 CVE-2011-2694 CVE-2011-2695
CVE-2011-2698 CVE-2011-2699 CVE-2011-2716 CVE-2011-2724
CVE-2011-2728 CVE-2011-2821 CVE-2011-2834 CVE-2011-2895
CVE-2011-2896 CVE-2011-2898 CVE-2011-3026 CVE-2011-3048
CVE-2011-3102 CVE-2011-3145 CVE-2011-3148 CVE-2011-3149
CVE-2011-3188 CVE-2011-3191 CVE-2011-3192 CVE-2011-3209
CVE-2011-3210 CVE-2011-3266 CVE-2011-3348 CVE-2011-3353
CVE-2011-3359 CVE-2011-3360 CVE-2011-3363 CVE-2011-3368
CVE-2011-3378 CVE-2011-3389 CVE-2011-3483 CVE-2011-3585
CVE-2011-3593 CVE-2011-3597 CVE-2011-3602 CVE-2011-3604
CVE-2011-3605 CVE-2011-3607 CVE-2011-3637 CVE-2011-3638
CVE-2011-3639 CVE-2011-3919 CVE-2011-4028 CVE-2011-4029
CVE-2011-4077 CVE-2011-4081 CVE-2011-4089 CVE-2011-4101
CVE-2011-4102 CVE-2011-4108 CVE-2011-4109 CVE-2011-4110
CVE-2011-4127 CVE-2011-4128 CVE-2011-4130 CVE-2011-4132
CVE-2011-4313 CVE-2011-4317 CVE-2011-4324 CVE-2011-4330
CVE-2011-4566 CVE-2011-4576 CVE-2011-4577 CVE-2011-4578
CVE-2011-4609 CVE-2011-4619 CVE-2011-4622 CVE-2011-4885
CVE-2011-4913 CVE-2011-4914 CVE-2011-4940 CVE-2011-4944