Severity : Low
Published : 2012-01-27
Modified : 2012-02-16
Base Score : 3.5
Details : The auth_parse_options function in auth-options.c in sshd in OpenSSH before 5.7 provides debug messages containing authorized_keys command options, which allows remote authenticated users to obtain potentially sensitive information by reading these messages, as demonstrated by the shared user account required by Gitolite. NOTE: this can cross privilege boundaries because a user account may intentionally have no shell or filesystem access, and therefore may have no supported way to read an authorized_keys file in its own home directory.
Product/Version : Carrier Grade CGE 5.1  
Pro 4.x  
CGE 4.x  
Mobilinux 4.x  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  
Pro 5.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  

CVE Vulnerabilities List CVE-2012

CVE-2012-0027 CVE-2012-0028 CVE-2012-0029 CVE-2012-0031
CVE-2012-0038 CVE-2012-0041 CVE-2012-0042 CVE-2012-0043
CVE-2012-0044 CVE-2012-0045 CVE-2012-0053 CVE-2012-0060
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