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Zero Overhead Linux
In this short podcast, hear Jim Ready, CTO and Founder of MontaVista discuss how the new CGE Bare Metal Engine can provide the performance of RTOS solutions with the flexibility of Linux (6 minutes)

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Containers in Linux
In this short podcast, Jim Ready, MontaVista CTO & Founder discusses the use of containers in an embedded Linux environment for partitioning and to improve performance (5 minutes)

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Jim Ready talks MVL6: The New Approach to Embedded Linux Development – Jim Ready, CTO and founder, MontaVista Software
  • The beginnings of embedded Linux
  • Changes in the embedded Linux market
  • A new approach with MVL6
 (60 minutes)

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Interview with MontaVista Linux 6 architect Joe Green – Joe Green, Manager, Developer Tools Team, MontaVista Software
Joe answers:
  • What is revolutionary about MontaVista Linux 6?
  • How does it differ from other embedded distributions?
  • What challenges does it solve and how?
  • Plus more...
 (60 minutes)

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Tips and Techniques for Improving Embedded Linux Boot Times
This podcast is taken from the webinar of the same name. The requirement for instant on capability or 'fast boot' in embedded Linux has become a necessity. From cellphones to mobile internet devices (MIDs) to automobiles, devices are smarter and more connected today than ever before. As a result, customers' expectations for instant data and multimedia access has increased, delays are unacceptable. With the majority of new device designs using Linux, it is essential to optimize the boot time to meet users expectations. This webinar contains a lot of tips and techniques to help you optimize your Linux boot time. (59 minutes)

Tips and techniques for improving embedded Linux startup time
This podcast discusses the requirement for 'instant-on' capability in consumer electronics, ranging from cellphones to mobile internet devices to automotive platforms. Customers' expectations for instant data or multimedia access has been increasing with trendy gadgets being released in the market. With the proliferation of Linux in these devices, it becomes essential to optimize the boot up time to meet the requirements. A typical Linux embedded system contains a bootloader and kernel, both of which are typically configured with many useful default features. Hear techniques to reduce boot time while preserving the base functionality required of typically configured embedded Linux systems. (25 minutes)

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