MontaVista announces support for next-generation LTE & WiMAX 4G wireless networks

New release of MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition adds 4Gsupport plus OpenSAF capability in over 30 new Linux Support Packages

Santa Clara, Calif – October 19, 2009 – MontaVista® Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux® commercialization, announced today the next release of their market leading Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) Linux with over 30 different Linux Support Packages (LSP's) available immediately. CGE 5.1 adds support for next generation 4G wireless networks including LTE and WiMAX, and includes full integration of the OpenSAF high availability middleware consistent with Service Availability™ Forum specifications. In addition, MontaVista becomes the first commercial Linux vendor to offer virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) capabilities for secure wireless networks. CGE 5.1 remains the only carrier grade Linux to be compliant with Carrier Grade Linux, IPv6, and Linux Standard Base certifications.

MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux is a commercial-grade Linux development platform for network equipment developers working with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or custom hardware, who require high quality, high availability and long-term support, built on open source. MontaVista CGE 5.1 helps Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) deliver secure, innovative products at a lower cost by:

  • Providing the features and protocols required for next generation wireless networks like LTE and WiMAX, freeing developers from the burden of developing and supporting these protocols themselves
  • Enabling virtual routing and forwarding within Linux, so that cost-effective, off the shelf hardware may be utilized, rather than expensive custom hardware to provide the same level of security. This enables hardware consolidation, which ultimately lowers costs for NEP's
  • Integrating open source high availability middleware solutions like OpenSAF consistent with Service Availability Forum specifications, speeding application development.

Supporting Quotes:

"MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition is the most widely deployed carrier grade Linux in the world, currently in use at 7 of the top 8 Network Equipment Providers. CGE 5.1 provides the functionality our customers require to deliver next generation wireless services," said Dan Cauchy, vice president of Marketing at MontaVista. "By supporting 4G and LTE wireless networks, integrating OpenSAF capabilities, and being the first Linux provider to offer virtual routing and forwarding, MontaVista remains committed to helping our customers deliver innovative, market leading products, cost effectively and in a timely fashion."

"MontaVista Linux CGE is a proven solution for design teams that need to adhere to the strict technical requirements of a carrier environment. MontaVista Linux CGE and Freescale processors are a combination that allows engineers to focus their design efforts on developing competitive, differentiated products, without having to worry about whether the OS and chip set can maintain the high level of reliability and performance required by telecom service providers," said Ravi Swaminathan, Director of Software Ecosystem Alliances at Freescale Semiconductor.

"Cavium Networks and MontaVista have a long history of working together to provide our joint customers with high-performance, high-reliability solutions. MontaVista was the first carrier grade Linux to support the OCTEON® Multi-core MIPS64® processors, which is imperative for our customers deploying 4G wireless networks," said YJ Kim, Senior Director, Networking and Communications Division at Cavium Networks. "The new features in CGE 5.1, like virtual routing and forwarding, combined with OCTEON processors provide our joint customers with an optimized, market-leading performance, low power solution for service provider networking equipment."

"OpenSAF is pleased that MontaVista has chosen to include OpenSAF in their Carrier Grade Edition product", said Alan Meyer, President of the OpenSAF Foundation. "As a recognized carrier grade Linux provider, MontaVista is helping to accelerate the adoption of OpenSAF as the next generation high-availability middleware solution for the carrier market."

"MontaVista has been a pioneer in the development of Carrier Grade Linux and a key partner of Iskratel," said Andrej Ciglic, Executive Director of R&D at Iskratel. "They have been a constant innovator and contributor to carrier grade Linux and this has enabled Iskratel to put our focus on delivering value to our customers, not commercializing open source software. This has helped accelerate the adoption of Linux as a carrier grade embedded operating system, speeding development and lowering costs for companies like Iskratel."

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About MontaVista Linux CGE:

  • Next release of industry leading CGE product has over 30 Linux support packages (LSPs) available today with support for Intel x86, Freescale processors based on Power Architecture® technology, Cavium OCTEON, and RMI XLR/XLS architectures
  • All above architectures have been registered for compliance with Carrier Grade Linux 4.0 at the Linux Foundation
  • Adds features such as SCTP, IPSEC with IKEv2 protocols, required for LTE and 4G next generation wireless networks
  • The only commercial Linux vendor to provide virtual routing and forwarding, allowing for hardware consolidation and network administration flexibility
  • Integration of the open source OpenSAF 3.0 high availability middleware
  • The only carrier grade Linux to be compliant with CGL 4.0, IPv6, and LSB 3.0 certifications
  • 7 of the top 8 NEP’s deploy products running MontaVista Linux CGE

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