SDN on Server Hardware

MontaVista MVCloud provides a Linux platform that is precision-designed for the specialized needs of the telecom industry. With MVCloud, telecom equipment manufactures (TEMs) can leverage advanced virtualization capability to speed time to market when creating software-defined networks and virtualizing network functions (NFV). With MVCloud's IT-compatible API, most popular middleware and cloud management software have already been validated. Advanced virtualization capability with deterministic virtual machine network performance gives TEMs the ability to consolidate a mixed application environment on a single server or array of servers, increasing hardware utilization and creating a more dynamic network.

Virtualized Mobile Core

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment – MontaVista MVCloud enables TEMs to go to market faster with lower software costs. This purpose-built platform offers complete integration with the massive Red Hat and CentOS hardware and middleware ecosystem that ISVs have standardized on, allowing TEMs to take advantage of leading IT provisioning and cloud management software. Full support for customization needed for mobile and network devices makes MVCloud an agile and reliable network abstraction platform for telco cloud deployments.

Higher Quality of Service

Higher Quality of Service – MVCloud's optimized and deterministic KVM dramatically improves performance and reliability of virtualized environments. In addition to providing a deterministic guest environment, MVCloud includes a handful of carrier features missing from RHEL and CentOS. MVCloud offers a higher quality of service in networks, which the leading IT Linux can't provide.

Customize with Confidence

Customize with Confidence – The embedded market architectures are so vast that OS vendors (OSVs) can't meet every requirement of every design. Not to worry, MVCloud provides the ability to customize the distribution and still have a partner to turn to for support. Unlike the leading IT Linux provider, MontaVista allows customization without voiding support warranty, so customize with confidence.

Improved Consolidation of Equipment

Improved Consolidation of Equipment – MVCloud dramatically improves performance of KVM's hypervisor capability for virtualized environments. Creating real-time operating systems is core to MontaVista DNA. Providing a hardened and deterministic KVM hypervisor to meet the latency requirements of the telecom industry enables cooperative scheduling and the ability to run multiple virtual machines with a deterministic results. Applications run in a guest environment with latencies similar to those found when the applications run natively.

Multi-Architecture Platform


Red Hat® Enterprise Linux API and CentOS API enables an enormous middleware ecosystem of software applications in addition to a massive COTS hardware ecosystem.


Watchdog + Virtual Watchdog Support

Enables a self-reliant system that can reboot/reset itself when the software hangs. It is also useful to limit resources when running untrusted code in a "sandbox," to limit resources and help defend against denial-of-service attacks.

Live Application Core Dump

Dramatically reduces the downtime required to make a core dump so field engineers can debug problems on a running application. Downtimes can be as little as hundreds of milliseconds during which a snapshot is taken. The application can continue running while engineers debug the snapshot to fix the application. MontaVista is the first to offer this capability.

Live Application Core Dump

OCFS - Tools

Tools to help create and manage a consistent file system image across servers in a cluster. Useful when booting multiple VMs in a cluster from a single image.

OCFS - Tools