MontaVista Linux 7 is a powerful approach to embedded Linux system design that ensures developers have the software needed to get the most out of their device.

Go to market faster

Speeding time to development has always been a key priority of MontaVista Linux. MVL supports developers with Market Specific Distributions (MSDs) while offering unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution. Each MSD is designed to deliver the appropriate Linux technology for the target hardware platform and the hardware's intended market application(s). MontaVista MSDs save time by providing all necessary software (the kernel, device drivers, libraries, and userland applications) to get up-and-running immediately.

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Develop and customize without restriction

The MontaVista software development kit provides the essential tools every developer needs to work efficiently, including an Eclipse-based IDE, Integrated Platform, and a complete development toolchain. This gives developers a high-quality, pre-integrated set of development tools that can quickly be deployed to engineering workstations and generate repeatable results. MontaVista has adhered to available standards in order to best position the MVL SDK for future host operating system compatibility.

Count on expert help

MontaVista support and maintenance provides developers with assistance from the leader in embedded Linux commercialization and top experts in their field. While working with MontaVista, you're backed by over 10 years of experience. You can get help from these experts via email and Web support and enjoy quick access to all software, updates, maintenance, and training required to help you deliver projects on time.

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Integrated Platform

The MontaVista Integration Platform (and included build system) is the centerpiece of the MontaVista SKD. It allows developers to easily extend and customize their software stack, while maintaining control over the build process. Systems developers can fetch and easily integrate code from other team members, outside vendors, or the broader open source community. Since the Integration Platform is built on open-source technology, it supports the common recipe file formats used throughout the open source community.

DevRocket integrated development environment

The MontaVista DevRocket IDE enables faster platform and application development. DevRocket supports the MontaVista Integration Platform with features such as memory usage analysis, memory leak detection, system profiling, and industry-standard debugging tools.

Complete development toolchain

Use command line or Eclipse-based MontaVista DevRocket and get a completely integrated set of tools including C/C++ compilers, run-time libraries, and a source-level and assembly-level debugger – all optimized to compile for specific target hardware. And since it's built on open-source technology, the MontaVista Integration Platform supports the common recipe file formats used throughout the open source community.

Zone Content Server

MontaVista Zone Content Server delivers source code and other content dynamically to the Integration Platform, freeing the developer from the constant task of searching for new source code and updates. The developer can identify changes, updates, and dependencies in the code via the Integration Platform, with the option of incorporating these changes into the build environment.