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Implementing Security in Embedded Linux Systems

While hackers had their sights on IT, embedded devices for the most part were spared. Until recently. Hackers have begun targeted more traditional embedded platforms. Ironically like in IT, fame is the initial motivator but before long financial gain and outright destruction will most likely be the end game.


Embedded Linux Development Platforms

Secure IoT Gateway

Ensuring Trust in IoT Edge Devices, Embedded Computing Design, CA

With each end node added to the Internet of Things, vulnerability to cyberattack increases exponentially. Securing edge devices is no easy task, however, as resource constraints, cost, and the diverse nature of IoT systems inhibit the effectiveness of traditional cyber security technologies.


Carrier Grade Edition 7

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MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition 7

MontaVista CGE 7 delivers reliable, secure, and serviceable Linux to interconnected embedded devices and high performance net-works.

In recent years, there has been a change in the way Network Equip-ment Providers (NEPs) and Telecom companies develop their net-work infrastructure applications.


Net-work Infrastructure Applications

Linux Integrity Management in Action - Unchanged to Unchangeable

Network Equip-ment Providers

Securing Embedded Linux Systems