MontaVista's Engineering Services bridge the gap between general purpose technology and your specific use case and architecture

From initial definition to long-term support, we make sure you succeed!

MontaVista Technology is deployed globally and in over 50 million devices in the marketplace ranging from cell phones to automobiles to medical devices. Our domain expertize spans the gamut from consumer devices (high change, fast development, short life devices) to the automotive industry (large projects involving 100s of people over many years) to network infrastructure (high performance and high availability of long device life and support capabilities).

MontaVista has been the innovator in the Embedded Linux market and now offers that knowledge and experience via our Engineering Services organization; kernel and design engineering, development of high availability systems, porting and migration services, creating build systems that integrate standardized packages, development of unique test and validation services for your project and a host of customized services. MontaVista understands the challenges you are facing and the pressures to deliver on time, on budget and with the highest level of reliability and quality. MontaVista can assist at every level of development, deployment and on-going maintenance and support of your final product.

MontaVista’s Engineering Services can work embedded within your team as an integrated group member, manage a specific task, or take responsibility for the delivery of a finished component or total solution to make sure you succeed!


  • Deep Linux Technical Expertise - in-Depth Knowledge of Linux Kernel
  • Architecture and Design Services
  • Vertical Market Expertise - Implementing Solutions Across the Application Development life cycle utilizing agile methodologies
  • Start of Production, SOP / Commercial QA Processes
  • Large Scale Project Management - Requirements analysis, Design Workshops, Project planning, Development, and Rollout
  • Experience on all Major Embedded Hardware Platforms and Platform Development Capabilities
  • Component Integration - Hardware and Software
  • Expertise with Legal, Intellectual Property, & Software Licensing
  • Long Term Production Level Support - Able to develop and sustain core platforms and applications
  • Custom Board Support Packages

Lifecycle Stages of a MontaVista Engineering Services

Lifecycle Stages of a MontaVista Engineering Services

Stage #1 – Defining Requirements
Regardless of which part of the Embedded market you’re addressing, MontaVista has most likely been been involved with a project similar to yours.  Having experience with thousands of companies and projects and 50+ million devices, we have the core knowledge that can help get you started.

This practical experience also feeds our knowledge in creating accurate and comprehensive project plans. We have handled short, very specific plans to execute simple projects, as well as large, complex projects that last several years.

Overlaying these skills is our Open-Source Software (OSS) experience that informs our ability to help you define a software strategy, setting up options around licencesing and governance of the content of your solution.

These skills (understanding, project planning and setting strategies) are applicable to any of the stages that follow. Before we start any aspect of an engagement MontaVista’s best business practices starts with creating a professional set of requirements.

Stage #2 – Design & Proof of Concept
With the requirements set, the real design work starts. To help you get the design right, system and architectural consulting is available. Specific services around Virtualization in the network infrastructure market or integration of components with our Compliant Platform, and many other areas, are all available to complement the general design services.

Many projects require the building of a proof of concept (POC), to ensure that the application performs as expected, or to show management the concept deserves funding, or to enable your company to win a project from one of your customers. MontaVista has written many successful SOWs to help build such systems.

Stage #3 – Develop & Integrate
The delivery of binaries has rapidly become a thing of the past in the OSS market and, as almost every embedded project is unique, much of MontaVista’s involvement at this stage of a project is helping customers build their recipes and integrate the components they need for their solution. MontaVista literally has millions of build recipes for different products and Market Specific Distributions (MSDs), and helps customers manage and maintain their custom builds.

Stage #4 – Test & Validation
Test and Validation spans a series of potential requirements from performance testing and optimization to Governance and License reviews. Validation of the performance and optimization are critical to achieving Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The depth and breath of MontaVista’s knowledge, from kernel to complete solutions, ensures we exploit all the capabilities of the system.

The harder part is the ongoing systems and regression testing to ensure that we help keep the performance and system integrity at the target level, regardless of the changes you make. Our OSS expertise allows us to continuously pull in new test procedures and build commercial strength test plans and procedures for you.

Stage #5 – Support & Maintenance
MontaVista supports and maintains our customers’ solutions via three groups: training, professional services for ongoing tuning, and support. Each group can be engaged for either short-term or long-term contracts and you can opt for standard, enhanced or in-house services.

Training can be taken live or online, and you can choose among available standard modules or custom classes.

Within any project, short-term or long-term support can be applied. The level of support and SLAs can also be customized, for instance, having short SLAs at the start of a project when developers are very active, and adjusting to meet your ongoing requirements once your solution has reached a relatively stable state.