MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition 7 (CGE7) enables devices to remain continuously and always in an operational state, making reboot obsolete. With MontaVista CGE7, these network devices can run without interruption of their core function, even during situations where the environment is partially compromised.

31.5 Seconds of downtime per year

In the carrier-grade market, network performance and availability is required from all systems. To meet the requirements of telecommunications providers, the operating system must provide high availability and serviceability tools and middleware.

Of course, high availability requirements are not limited to communications, when 99.9999% uptime is becoming a standard requirement of aerospace and defense for mission-critical systems that guard against failure. The need for high availability extends to many enterprise segments to minimize planned downtime and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Live Kernel Patching (Ksplice)

With the addition of Ksplice, system administrators can implement security fixes immediately, without any time-consuming reboots. Ksplice can also be used to apply diagnostic patches and critical bug fixes, all increasing system security, reliability and availability.


Flight Recorder

CGE7 includes the new Flight Recorder, which acts like an airplane black box to track and log system history, providing much more information than a crash dump snapshot. Now field engineers can take corrective action immediately to prevent a repeat incident.

Flight Recorder

Live Application Core Dump

MontaVista's "live application core dump" dramatically reduces the downtime required to make a core dump. Within the span of a few hundred milliseconds – or much less – this new feature takes a snapshot of the running application, which engineers can use to debug the application while it continues to run. MontaVista is the first to offer this capability.

Live Application Core Dump

Additional High-Availability Features

  • DRBD
  • TIPC
  • Microstate accounting
  • SMART disk monitoring

Field Serviceability Features

  • Flight Recorder
  • Dump
  • Multithreaded Core Dump
  • Performance statistics
  • Forced block device removal (enables hot swap)

CGE7 Datasheet