Support Lifecycle

The MontaVista support life cycle defines the duration of support customers receive as MontaVista products move through their life cycle.

Product Support Schedule
All MontaVista product subscribers can sign up for annually renewable Core Support packages. Core Support is available in five separate tiers, ranging from Standard to Dedicated Engineering Services (DES) support, and covers all support activities, including email and phone-based support, as well as access to the MontaVista Zone.

New MontaVista customers are eligible to sign up for Core Support for any of the editions listed in the table below as long as they purchase during the General Availability (GA) phase listed below.  Once the standard life cycle has completed, MontaVista products enter into their Long Term Maintenance (LTM) phase of their lifecycle.

Customers have the option to extend the maintenance of a product by purchasing Long Term Maintenance. The Long Term Maintenance phase of a product life cycle typically last for 5 years and then End of Lifes (EOL).  Once the LTM phase has ended customers still have options to extend the maintenance of a product, ask your salesperson for details.

  • Core Support – support, tools, maintenance, upgrades
  • LTM (Optional) - tools, maintenance (support not included)
  • GA – General Availability
  • EOS – End of Sale – last day to sell standard product
  • LTM – Long Term Maintenance – when LTM starts
  • EOL – End of Life – when product is retired


Embedded Linux Development Tools Edition   Version Status Embedded Linux applications
Embedded Carrier Grade Linux
  3.1 EOL Embedded Linux development solution
Embedded Linux Commercialization
Embedded Linux Development Products
  3.1 EOL Linux Development Products
IoT Gateway Cellular Modem
  3.1 EOL  
IoT Gateway Profibus
Embedded Linux system development
  4.0 EOL Embedded Linux System Design and Development
Linux for embedded systems
Linux System Software Development
  4.0 EOL RT Linux, BSP and Middleware development
Embedded Linux Solutions
Embedded System Development Solutions
  4.0 EOL Embedded Linux Services
Embedded Linux Frameworks
Embedded Linux Software Development Solutions
  4.1 EOL Embedded Linux Development
Embedded Systems Development Solutions
  5.0 EOL Open Source Solutions for Embedded Systems
Linux Software Development Kit
  5.0 EOL Embedded Linux System Software Development
Embedded Linux Software Development Solutions
Embedded Linux Architect/Developer Tools
  5.0 LTM Embedded linux and Yocto
Yocto Software development solutions
embedded Linux GUI development
  5.1 LTM Embedded Linux Development Tools
Embedded Linux applications
Embedded Linux Commercialization
  6.0 LTM Embedded Linux system development
Embedded Linux system development Platform
Open Source embedded Linux build system
  6.0 GA Embedded Linux Development with Yocto
Linux Development Platform Configuring
Embedded Linux Development Platform
  7.0 GA Linux Software Development Kit
Building Embedded Linux Systems