Severity : Low
Published : 2011-04-09
Modified : 2012-01-18
Base Score : 3.3
Details : The addmntent function in the GNU C Library (aka glibc or libc6) 2.13 and earlier does not report an error status for failed attempts to write to the /etc/mtab file, which makes it easier for local users to trigger corruption of this file, as demonstrated by writes from a process with a small RLIMIT_FSIZE value, a different vulnerability than CVE-2010-0296.
Product/Version : Pro 5.0  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  
Carrier Grade CGE 6.0  
Pro 5.0  
CGE 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.x  
Mobilinux 5.0.24  
MVL 5 Atom  
Pro 5.0.24  
MVL 5 OMAP3530  

CVE Vulnerabilities List CVE-2011

CVE-2011-0014 CVE-2011-0216 CVE-2011-0419 CVE-2011-0445
CVE-2011-0463 CVE-2011-0465 CVE-2011-0521 CVE-2011-0536
CVE-2011-0538 CVE-2011-0539 CVE-2011-0695 CVE-2011-0711
CVE-2011-0713 CVE-2011-0719 CVE-2011-0997 CVE-2011-1010
CVE-2011-1012 CVE-2011-1013 CVE-2011-1015 CVE-2011-1017
CVE-2011-1023 CVE-2011-1044 CVE-2011-1071 CVE-2011-1078
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CVE-2011-1090 CVE-2011-1093 CVE-2011-1095 CVE-2011-1098
CVE-2011-1155 CVE-2011-1162 CVE-2011-1163 CVE-2011-1170
CVE-2011-1171 CVE-2011-1172 CVE-2011-1173 CVE-2011-1180
CVE-2011-1182 CVE-2011-1398 CVE-2011-1476 CVE-2011-1477
CVE-2011-1493 CVE-2011-1494 CVE-2011-1495 CVE-2011-1521
CVE-2011-1573 CVE-2011-1577 CVE-2011-1585 CVE-2011-1590
CVE-2011-1591 CVE-2011-1592 CVE-2011-1593 CVE-2011-1658
CVE-2011-1659 CVE-2011-1675 CVE-2011-1676 CVE-2011-1677
CVE-2011-1745 CVE-2011-1746 CVE-2011-1747 CVE-2011-1749
CVE-2011-1750 CVE-2011-1751 CVE-2011-1759 CVE-2011-1760
CVE-2011-1767 CVE-2011-1770 CVE-2011-1776 CVE-2011-1831
CVE-2011-1832 CVE-2011-1833 CVE-2011-1834 CVE-2011-1835
CVE-2011-1928 CVE-2011-1938 CVE-2011-1944 CVE-2011-1945
CVE-2011-1957 CVE-2011-1958 CVE-2011-1959 CVE-2011-2022
CVE-2011-2034 CVE-2011-2035 CVE-2011-2174 CVE-2011-2175
CVE-2011-2182 CVE-2011-2192 CVE-2011-2199 CVE-2011-2200
CVE-2011-2202 CVE-2011-2212 CVE-2011-2213 CVE-2011-2483
CVE-2011-2484 CVE-2011-2491 CVE-2011-2492 CVE-2011-2494
CVE-2011-2495 CVE-2011-2496 CVE-2011-2501 CVE-2011-2522
CVE-2011-2525 CVE-2011-2534 CVE-2011-2597 CVE-2011-2690
CVE-2011-2691 CVE-2011-2692 CVE-2011-2694 CVE-2011-2695
CVE-2011-2698 CVE-2011-2699 CVE-2011-2716 CVE-2011-2724
CVE-2011-2728 CVE-2011-2821 CVE-2011-2834 CVE-2011-2895
CVE-2011-2896 CVE-2011-2898 CVE-2011-3026 CVE-2011-3048
CVE-2011-3102 CVE-2011-3145 CVE-2011-3148 CVE-2011-3149
CVE-2011-3188 CVE-2011-3191 CVE-2011-3192 CVE-2011-3209
CVE-2011-3210 CVE-2011-3266 CVE-2011-3348 CVE-2011-3353
CVE-2011-3359 CVE-2011-3360 CVE-2011-3363 CVE-2011-3368
CVE-2011-3378 CVE-2011-3389 CVE-2011-3483 CVE-2011-3585
CVE-2011-3593 CVE-2011-3597 CVE-2011-3602 CVE-2011-3604
CVE-2011-3605 CVE-2011-3607 CVE-2011-3637 CVE-2011-3638
CVE-2011-3639 CVE-2011-3919 CVE-2011-4028 CVE-2011-4029
CVE-2011-4077 CVE-2011-4081 CVE-2011-4089 CVE-2011-4101
CVE-2011-4102 CVE-2011-4108 CVE-2011-4109 CVE-2011-4110
CVE-2011-4127 CVE-2011-4128 CVE-2011-4130 CVE-2011-4132
CVE-2011-4313 CVE-2011-4317 CVE-2011-4324 CVE-2011-4330
CVE-2011-4566 CVE-2011-4576 CVE-2011-4577 CVE-2011-4578
CVE-2011-4609 CVE-2011-4619 CVE-2011-4622 CVE-2011-4885
CVE-2011-4913 CVE-2011-4914 CVE-2011-4940 CVE-2011-4944