The Toolchain engineer is responsible for development, enhancement and maintenance (fix bugs) of a production level C/C++/Go GCC compiler, along with other GNU Toolchain components such as Binutils, Glibc and GDB. The Toolchain Engineer is expected to independently propose changes to the GNU toolchain components, must involve in toolchain QA activities and support in handling Customer bugs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development/Enhancement, maintenance of toolchain components (GCC, Binutils, Glibc, GDB).
  • Automation of GCC, binutils, glibc test framework on embedded platforms using Dejagnu.
  • Work on CVE's and customer bugs.
  • Review code changes
  • Creating future road maps as per the product's tools requirement.

Educational Eligibility:

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science or equivalent.

Relevant Experience:

2 - 9 years.


Toolchain Engineer:

  • Must be proficient in C and shell programming
  • Must have basic experience in RPM SPEC file (CentOS/Fedora/Red Hat)
  • Should have automation experience of GCC, binutils, glibc test framework on embedded platforms
  • Must have good debugging skills using tools such as rpmbuild and GNU Make
  • Experience in Yocto build framework and Python would be an advantage
  • Experience in using tools, such as git and patch/quilt would be an advantage