Linux in general is an evolving operating system platform with new features, architecture, bug fixes, and CVEs integrated into the head of trunk on a daily basis.  While staying on the main branch may be advantageous to pick up all these additions, it is impractical if an engineering team is developing a product.  The team will require a fixed code base to control the stablility and quality.  It will however need the abilithy to integrate custom content (like added value functionality of the company product), along new features, bug fixes, and security patches not in the chosen code development branch.  

Maintaining a products Linux branch requires creating a process that allows:

1) Integration of patches and features for the Linux development base

2) Backporting of required patches from newer or head of branch Linux streams

3) Consistent daily and weekly builds

4) Robust quality assurance(QA)

Sustainable Branch Maintenance Expertise
MontaVista has been maintaining Linux products for our customer base for 20 years.  Whether it is a direct CVE fix or backport from a newer Linux branch, we supply CVEs and bug fixes that are put through our high value QA.  We can also assist companies setup and maintain a frozen branch for their development that incorporates MontaVista Linux along with their custom content.  


To get more information about how MontaVista can help with your product's branch maintenance email or call +1-408-520-1591.