MontaVista Linux 6

Integration Platform

When building embedded Linux devices systems engineers find it difficult adding readily-available open source software to their existing projects without disrupting existing work. Integrating external software such as device drivers, libraries and application code, from team members or third parties is a challenge. Next, they find it hard to consistently, and easily, build all target installed software from source. They desire reproducible builds, but find available tools don't make it easy. Finally, it's difficult to easily create multiple build configurations for faster testing and final development of embedded projects.

MontaVista Integration Platform

The Integration Platform solves these problems by providing engineers with the ability to easily extend and customize their software stack, while maintaining control over the build process. They can fetch and easily integrate code from other team members, outside vendors, or the broader open source community, while insulating existing project work. Since it's built on open source technology, the Integration Platform supports the common recipe file formats used throughout the open source community. This provides the flexibility and customization systems developers need to leverage readily-available software and integrate it into their embedded projects. And finally, the Integration Platforms provides the ability to create reproducible builds with one command, and multiple build configurations for testing and final product delivery.

MontaVista Zone Content Server

For customers of MontaVista Linux 6, the MontaVista Zone Content Server delivers source code and other content dynamically to the Integration Platform, freeing the developer from the constant task of searching for new source code and updates. The developer can identify changes, updates, and dependencies in the code via the Integration Platform, with the option of incorporating these changes to the build environment.

Key Features

  • Based on BitBake build system
  • Build independence
  • Relocatable build environment
  • Handles inter-package dependencies
  • Target configuration management
  • Optional pre-sets
MontaVista Linux 6 Integration Platform