MV Speed

MontaVista SPEED® BSP

SPEED® BSPs (Board Support Packages) is a FREE trial program that allows customers to evaluate MontaVista Carrier Grade Express, our next generation commercial Linux product, on the latest and greatest hardware from our SOC partner. Please register your interest for more information.

CGX® Features



Linux Kernel with BSP (e.g. Linux Kernel 4.x with Yocto™ 2.x corresponding BSP meta Layer to align with a CGX 2.x release)
CGX Filesystem (including foundation profiles*)

CGX Tools (including MontaVista DevRocket™ IDE)

Enhanced CGX profiles*  (including Graphics, Carrier Grade, Security, Dataplane, IoT and Virtualization)

As Applicable

TRIAL ready or Solutions  profile

Standard MontaVista Support
Availability / Validity

EVAL Agreement

GA (MVZone™)

* CGX Profiles – Are a set of pre-optimized user-land packages to meet the special need of a use case  as signified by the profile name.