MontaVista SPEED® Partner

SPEED® partner program stands for “Strategic Partnership for Early Enablement and Development”. An exclusive ecosystem of MontaVista’s world-class technology partners to help reduce time to market and development costs for our customers.

Joint Value Proposition

SPEED® partner program provides an accelerated path for our customers to bring new design wins to market using combination of the partner technology and MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux and solution offerings.

The Joint Value Proposition could range from an optimized board support package that enables the full capability of the partner hardware and MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux software, to a trial ready MontaVista BSP on the latest SOCs from partner for an early engagement and use case evaluation by the customer.

MontaVista SPEED® partner program stands for “Strategic Partnership for  Early Enablement and Development”

Membership Benefits

Partner Engagement

Partner Education

Joint Solution marketing

SPEED BSP - A trial ready BSP (Board support package for the latest MontaVista Carrier Grade Express (CGX) Edition

Membership Requirements

Joint Solution Commitment

SPEED BSP Development


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